Sep 17, 2009

When you

When you find hope, cling to it.

When you find love, fuel it.

When you find friendship, trust it.

When you find God, believe it.

When you find patience, practice it.

When you find beauty, exude it.

When you find forgiveness, accept it.

When you find light, peace, creativity, joy, and tenderness...

Share it.

~mhpardon the graininess of the above picture (taken on Shawn's cell. but I love it!)


Ashli said...


Julie said...

Beautiful, as always. I love the last picture and how happy Wilder is with his mommy. Love you!

AuddyChance said...

He has the cutest little smile! =]

Jenna said...

Mindy, your writing is beautiful. You express yourself so well.

PamperingBeki said...

You're trying to make me cry, aren't you? It worked.
I hope you're proud of yourself.

Jess said...

So great! Love your words. And the picture is too stinkin' cute!