Sep 1, 2009

Full house--this is my bliss

Nothing brings me more joy that to have a full home. Rugs awry with fresh crumbs strewn about. The bathroom hand towel wadded in a bunch on the lavatory. The candy dishes empty.

Can it be like this every day?

Thank you, friends and family, for sharing your love and light for our son. Your presence in our hearts makes us richer than King Solomon.

May you be blessed aplenty.

W with Uncle B
G'ma Kathy and G'pa Har
Jeff & Rach, Grant & Carson
Click here for robot cake recipe

Purity--you see it, too?
Amy & Katelyn
Dave & Amy ("Damey" because they are inseparable)
Ori & Grey
Juls, Liz, me
Drew & SG (they drove the farthest)
W & Aunt Andrea

At the end of the first year, our babies have reached beyond the nest of our arms. They're mobile, discovering and learning on their own. Babyhood drifts into the toddler years in the blink of time's eye. With their burgeoning independence, we're asking new questions, and wondering if we ever really needed all of those receiving blankets stacked in the hall closet. I carried my daughter in a front pack for months, running errands and cooking dinner with her head against my heart, but the vividness of that time has already begun to fade. The first year of motherhood dilutes like watercolor; the soft essence of experience hovers in memory. Sleeplessness probably blurs some of our recollections, challenges, and triumphs.

But that's ok.

We've made it through.

Excerpt from The Mother's Book of Well-Being, by Lisa Groen Braner


Bethany said...

Beautiful... so sad we didn't make it. We'll need to get together sometime so we can give Wilder his gift. Diego is better now, so whenever you have an opening.

Love you!

Kate said...

looks like an amazing party surrounded by LOVE!!! The cake is AWESOME! Congrats on your 1st year of parenthood...and Happy Birthday Wilder! <3

Julie said...

Wilder's party was perfect. We had such a wonderful time! And you are an amazing hostess! Thank you!!

Weza said...

Looks like you have been having a wonderful few weeks of celebrating wildmans birthday. He really is surrounded by loads of love.

Now tell me where there three sets of twins at your party? I spy with my little eye... or am I seeing things?

Oh and one last thing... LOVE the pic of the serious men MANing the BBQ! Classic.

Mindy M. Harris said...

No, no twins on cute you thought that, though.
Just Wilder and his two friends, Grey and Ori, who are close to his age.