Oct 9, 2008


Wishing you a good nighty-night with peaceful dreams!
(did we mention that Wilder's legs are filling out?
Of course the angle "dramatizes" them a tad in these photos!
Looks like he might be a soccer champ!)



Harold and Kathy said...

What adorable pictures! Yeah, soccer champ is a possibility!

Brenden & Andrea said...

What a sweetie! I talked to him last weekend about being a soccer star, maybe he will listen to his aunt.

Erin said...

Umm...so these pics of Wilder totally look like Mind's baby pics....He is definitely not all "shawn." hehe. Plus, I love how enormous his diaper looks...hehehe. Sister, remember when we'd play with our baby dolls and love the noise of crinkling diapers and their smell??????
Good times...