Oct 30, 2008

Weekend in Salina

LAST weekend we went to Salina to visit Andrea and Brenden (A & B). It was our third road trip with Wilder, and he was an excellent sport! Andrea cooked for us, as she so effortlessly and expertly does, and we enjoyed it!! (Belgian waffles, chicken salad croissants, cinnamon rolls, tacos, milk shakes, brownies...) Shawn's parents even came for a few hours on Saturday, and Andrea introduced them to the Wii! With all the extra help for Wilder, Andrea and I even had time to work on cards (me) and scrapbooks (Ang).

Thanks, A & B, for an awesome weekend...
B, next time we'll come when you have the weekend off!

Hard at "work"

Wilder LOVES his grandparents!
B topped his waffle with peanut butter and chocolate syrup!
Wild waiting patiently for us to finish eating.

Wild modeling his custom-made onesie from Liz/Derek
Growing baby boy--75th % for weight, and 40th for height
Auntie Andrea's a natural!

Shawn working his mad Wii skills
Harold's turn to bowl
Wilder bathing in Andrea's kitchen sink
So sweet!


katie said...

i really like your cards, Mindy! you should start a business. you know, with all the extra time you have on your hands now :-)
i love that picture of Wilder getting his bath. He's like 'hey you, put your camera away. i'm naked here.'
what a cutie!

Ashli said...

Ah Mind...what a little love! He's grown soooo much, and he's so photogenic and good about grinning for the camera, precious...
Love the cards; they are so unique and creative!
How's life at home?
Love love love and miss you.
ps. we booked our x-mas flights. we'll be there dec 26-jan 3...woohoo, wilder's first christmas! mwah

Erin said...

Now I'm really getting anxious to see you guys! The Wii pics are hilarious. I love that game, but i'm always so sore afterwards...hehee! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks hopefully!!!!