Nov 4, 2008


WILDER was a pea-in-the-pod for Halloween; I assembled a quick farmer costume so we would sort of "go together." We went to the SHS (Shawn's work) Halloween party, where Wilder saw his friend, Grey (they even held hands!). It was a pretty hot day, so Wilder shed his fleece costume after a few minutes of being squeezed and ogled at. The bottom pics are of Wild in his nursery--Saturday morning, I think, when we had all the time in the world to enjoy his smiles and lie around in our PJs! 

My little man is getting so big--loves to gnaw on his fists and even had his first trip to the zoo (sorry, no pics)!



Katie said...

cuties, all of you! but especially that little peapod. i was anxious to see what you dressed him up as.
also, i was going through some old photos and having fond memories of our Halloweens together in college.....feels so long ago, huh? i'll have to scan them and send to you guys. miss y'all

Jenna said...

looks like you had a great time! love the costumes!