Nov 6, 2008

Chasing Harry Winston

OK, so I'm not quite ready to give an official review of my latest book find because I haven't read it yet! But, I'm just so excited to be reading for pleasure (soooo glad to be done reading pregnancy books; it just got scary after awhile) that I have to tell you about my latest find. It's Chasing Harry Winston, by Lauren Weisberger, the #1 bestselling author of The Devil Wears Prada (loved the movie, although I have yet to read the book). Anyway, the inner flap reads, "Lauren returns with the story of three best friends who vow to change their entire lives...and change them fast." It, too, is set in Manhattan, so it should have depictions of the sights and smells of the beloved city. Oh, just so you know, I don't read sci-fi, mystery, or brainy-type books. I tend to like shallow, girly, light reads (referred to as "chik lit"); I admit this is a weakness and plan to expand my literary repertoire soon. Very soon. After the holidays. Then, after I lose the 5 pounds-ok, maybe 10-I'm sure to gain during the holidays. And by no means does my choice to relish "beach reads" have indication of my inner workings as a person; I am not shallow.

And I have to tell you, just really quickly, about my library experience. Wichita has pockets of "cultural richness", if you will, but not all of these areas should be frequented by a white girl in heels toting her roly-poly  baby. The "Evergreen Library/Biblioteca" is closest to our house. I park my car thinking, oh yeah, Shawn and I have driven past this before, now I know where I am! I go in anyway, clomp through the doors and into a large room (rather small for a library, I note) bustling with computer users and curious (ok, LOUD) children. I ask the lady where the new releases are (is that what librarians refer to them as, or is that just at Blockbuster?), and she points to a row of books directly to my right. About two feet to my right, to be exact. I peruse the shelves and find the Jennifer Weiner read I had originally intended on picking up. But then I see the spine of the Harry Winston book and am immediately enthralled.

I'll let you know if it was worth finally reconciling my late fees.



Jenna said...

oh sweet friend, your post made me laugh and warmed my heart! I can't wait to get ahold of this book! It is like I hear your voice in my head when I read your posts!

Cyrus and Hilary said...

Just FYI, I have really enjoyed reading her other books as well. I loved the movie Devil Wears Prada, but when I read the book a few years ago, the obsessiveness of the editor of the fashion magazine is almost too much to even read. They showed some of that in the movie, but the book it is just ridiculous. You get so frustrated with the editor and her crazy requests. I have been waiting to get the new one at the library too, but it has been continually checked out! :)