Nov 13, 2008

Product Review

I finished the Harry Winston book and will provide a quick review later! I thought it would be fun to also do periodic "beauty product reviews" since I love products! Guess that comes from living with two sisters and sharing everything, including one bathroom!
Today I took a break from chores and smeared on a Mary Kay revitalizing facial mask, something, that, in my junior high and high school years, I did twice a week, as recommended!! Sundays and Wednesdays, if I remember correctly (I make myself sick!). According to the packaging, the MK Revitalizing Mask is an "invigorating clay-based formula containing natural ingredients, botanical extract and special oil-absorbing ingredients, and exfoliates dead surface cells to retexture and refine the skin's surface. Leaves skin totally clean, revitalized and radiant. Helps makes pores appear smaller."

I like that it is clay-based; although it's "fragrance-free" it has that distinct smell that comes with a clay-based formula, which I relish. I also like that it is a bit gritty, and it didn't dry my face; I even skipped moisturizer. Also, it's a fairly economical choice at $14. My only gripe: as it hardened, my face began to feel really tight and I was ready to wash it off before the 10 minutes were up. Lastly, for those readers who prefer natural ingredients, this isn't the mask for you and you could try Origins Paradise Found Balinese Body Glow. (confession to my sister-in-law: yes, I tried it in your shower a couple of weeks ago, but just a little dab!) Note: it's a scrub, not  a mask--but is superbly delectable!

Happy pampering!

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Brenden & Andrea said...

Ok Mindy, you are showing me up with your blogging! I havent had time to blog in a weeks, and I dont have kids! I guess that is one of the perks of being home! I do love the origins scrub. No problem you used some of it, it is very nice! I love your inspiration corner. I might have to steal that and put that on my blog!