Nov 29, 2008

And the list goes on...

MY weekend getaway to Bolivar, MO, to see Sissy (Erin) & Ryan turned into 4 more days at their home. Shawn didn't get to stay that long as he had to return to work, but Wild and I stayed on and hitched a ride (imagine 3 adults, 1 baby, 1 cat, & lotsa gear in a Honda Civic) to Chanute for Thanksgiving. Since the Bilby's don't have internet, I had Shawn write a quick note for you all (see Nov. 25)--just so you wouldn't have worried about me (now wasn't that nice?).

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I'm compelled to share some things for which I'm grateful:

My Lord: His grace, especially. And for revealing His beauty to me, and for continuously restoring His joy in me

Shawn: He continues to wow me, ever since we wore high water jeans in 7th grade & I became jealous that he was a better drawer than I (he is). He is my knight, my prince, and an incredible father

Wild Man: Our son has captured my heart and delighted me in ways I could have never dreamt. He is the culmination of all my right decisions in life

Family: For cradling me during life's hardships-for celebrating with me during its victories. For coaching me as I plant, grow, wilt, and flower, as all humans do

Friends: I especially delight in seeing you happy. I am thrilled to learn from/with you

Undiscovery: I don't know what I'd do if I already knew everything there is to know

And some others:
Recipes: Because I haven't quite gotten the whole "a pinch of this" and a "dash of that" thing

Wine: I know nothing about it but feel somewhat refined and cultured when I have the occasionial (ok, maybe, rare!) goblet-full--and because it's more entertaining to relive a headache with it as opposed to Advil

Burp cloths: Because Wilder and I just don't have that many outfits

Eye drops: Lasik surgery was great and all, but eyes drier than one of my pathetic houseplants are no picnic (suddenly this has turned into a gripe rather than a thanks--oops)

And, lastly:
novels. brownies. chicken salad sandwiches. christmas lights. cute birdhouses. weed killer. post-it notes. q-tips. picture windows. gravy. rocking chairs. chinese take-out. scalding showers. epidurals.


Lewis and Shonda Meyer said...

Mindy, your post brought tears to my eyes...really beautiful. Many of the things on your list I can definitely connect with. Blessings to your little family!

Brenden & Andrea said...

That is a cute pic of you 3, where is it at??? It was great to see you today for a little while! Maybe next Saturday I can see you again!