Oct 11, 2008

Wild with his mouth open..and bath time!

SHAWN'S coworkers joke that they've seen lots of pictures of him with his mouth open (guess he's just found lots to smile wide about). Well, looks like Wilder is following suit! 

Also, I am loving these bath time pictures; Wild is such a good sport. Sometimes I "play" and take my time on his baths. He definitely gets clean and smells so yummy afterward!

oopsie--a little cross-eyed :)
would like to point out that he has 1 1/2 dimples, folks! 
(oh, and he's in a bib because I got tired of changing his clothes every time he spit up...)


1 comment:

Erin said...

My day has just been made!!! I love the cross-eyed one and the last one! They make me laugh-I must see him soon before he changes any more!!!!