Nov 16, 2009

alma mater--go wildcats!

After a trip to our alma mater, Kansas State University, we're back in town refreshed and ready for the week. I have lots of favorite things about the trip, but my most favorite was this:

Shawn played me a song on the bed and breakfast's piano. He is
brilliant. In those moments of dancing melody, I held, in my deepest heart, all the good things that are, have been, or ever will be.

(Babe, thank you for that gift--you are a calming rain; off to buy you a piano)

iPhone photo courtesy of D. Jack


Emily said...

so sweet, love.

Weza said...

Your love for your man is simply devine, his mirrors yours. What a family.

Julie said...

Love this! So special.

Loved seeing you and spending time together this afternoon!

Jenna said...

What a deserved weekend away. Wonderful to be "back home" isn't it?