Nov 24, 2009

In this moment and every one thereafter, we give thanks.

Every Thanksgiving we go around the table, laden with fluffy buttered tatoes, piping hot stuffing, the steaming bird, Daddy's glistening rolls, to voice what we are thankful for. We usually hear things like, "God, family, good health, wing-spreading experiences."

Joy abounds and for a moment we gingerly, admiringly hold a piece of the thankful person's heart. I wish we could have this everyday. The intimate sharing. The priorities in a person's life, which we hear about at Thanksgiving, demonstrate his longings. We are busy carrying on, surviving, going forward, that we rarely glimpse at what we want, thinking it a weakness in malcontentment, an outflowing of complanatory flotsam.

It's not. It's okay to explore the longings of the heart, formed and placed there by the King. Most would say, and I agree, that though we may wish for more money or a better car or to be naturally blonde or to live closer to family or to be a published writer and women's mentor ;-) really, all that matters is Faith. Family. Optimal health.

And of course those experiences, a time or two in the year, that broaden our wingspan a little wider.

May we fly high and catch all we can.

happy thanksgiving


Weza said...

Thanksgiving is a wonderful tradition that we southern hemi peps should try sometime.
I have no doubt that you will be both a published writer and womens mentor someday.
Bless you

Jenna said...

Wow, thank you for your beautiful reflections. This week truly is a time to pause and reflect. May you be blessed by time spent with family this week! Excited to re-connect soon.