Nov 4, 2009

the bride and groom of 2003

While vacationing, I'd experienced Casa Bonita a few times as a youngster. The food, the size of the restaurant, the in-house high diver...for a small town Kansas girl, these held the "ooh ahh" factor; have some neat memories. (subsequently, Wikipedia indicates that as of 2008, only 2 locations remain open in the U.S.).

Since we were going to be staying in Denver for a few nights during our honeymoon (6 years ago!), I told Shawn, "we have to eat at Casa Bonita. We have to."

So we did.

Came back with full stomachs, and, this:

It's one of my favorite things to look at.

Needless to say the speedo-clad high diver didn't own the same level of novelty this time. But that was ok. We were on our honeymoon!

What a day to reminisce about our love...and when my body was, shall we say, perkier.

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katieharris said...

haha, that's cute! do you have that framed in your house? and how perfectly fitting that Shawn's mouth is open :) and you STILL look amazing, don't doubt that for a second.