Jun 13, 2010

Purty tired

Alrighty folks, I'm pretty tired. And I have my first solo full day with both babies tomorrow. I had a teeth cleaning appointment scheduled for 8am. Why in the world at my last appointment did I think it would be possible to make it to an appointment that early, two weeks postpartum, with a newborn?

I totally canceled it.

My teeth can wait.
Just like my parched plants and sticky kitchen floor.

Story partied last night from 1 to 2:30 and 4 to 6:30...but we still made it to church.
On time. Church's not til 10:45.

But still.

I didn't intend for us to match...kinda fun though.


Carmen said...

WHEW! Those first weeks are SO HARD! I don't have to tell you that it will get better because you know that...in the meantime, I hope you take every opportunity to sleep!

Julie said...

I love all these new pictures and updates. Story is precious.

Your last post was absolutely beautiful. Enjoying those happy/beautiful moments when they come and persevering/growing through the yucky times.

And I will pray for you tomorrow as you face the day with both babies. You will do well.

It's an accomplishment to make it to church on time. We're always late. Always. :-)

Love you!

Chelsey said...

She looks exactly like Wilder! Such a pretty girl... I hope you have a great day tomorrow solo!

Anonymous said...

The transition from one child to two is the hardest to make. (we know from experience that three and four weren't so hard!) Sounds like you've got it figured out....forget about those things that don't matter and enjoy the beautiful babies!

Karma said...

Congratulations! I love her name!!

Ashli said...

Wow. Sounds like you've had your work cut out for you!
Excellent work getting 'to the church on time' (line sung).
Glad to see your back online a bit and hope that means that you are feeling a bit better.
New baby is so sweet. Loved the matching.

Natalie said...

Awe she is just a doll!! So excited for your sweet little family and new baby girl! What a precious name :)

Jenna said...

That first Sunday in church is so fun, isn't it? Love that the two of you match! I see more of that in your future! :)