Jun 15, 2010

Story's birth story

I have the good Lord to thank for my beautiful, healthy kiddos. And I also have Him to thank for a fairly breezy labor and delivery of Story.

Here goes:

Opted for induction May 28th, my due date and momma's birthday

8am Check in

10am Pitocin, dilated 3 cm

Pain pain pain; hugged Wilder's Wolfie for comfort; stood and swayed; I only experienced Pitocin labor with Wilder for a couple of hours without pain relief, so 6 hours without pain relief with Story was BAD.

Broke my water between 5-6 cm

4pm Epidural, dilated 6 cm-the epidural guy, Joe, said that as I good as I did receiving an epidural, that I should have more babies. I tried real hard to hold still for him and breathe and squeeze the nurses fingers while cursing out Shawn. Just kidding. I kept my words clean. Joe was the best; much better than my epidural experience with Wilder. Piece of cake.

5:15 Complete but had to wait for doctor to get there (she was gardening and almost got sprayed by a skunk/then traffic was bad. EXCUSES!)

5:40 Two pushes and baby was here!
Shawn announced the gender and cut the cord. We both cried and were super surprised/excited. I was really happy to have both a boy and girl and felt an immediate sense of completion to our family. I was in love with the name Story Elena (more on that later) for a very long time and was so proud to use it.I looked at the placenta this time. It was both gross and fascinating.

Even though the day FELT long, it wasn't that bad. I'd rather labor through painful contractions and only push twice, than to labor not very long but have to push two hours (as with Wilder).
Our hospital experience this time was phenominal. We had a wonderful nurse, Connie, the whole day (always nice when there's not a rotation) and she even visited Story a couple days later. She was a little hard of hearing and smelled like smoke, but was so good at her job that I didn't care.
The only thing I got tired of were the pancakes and mac-n-cheese at the "Down Under" cafe. Maybe that's cuz I kept going back to the hospital. Kept having to eat that food!
Subsequent posts to come about my recovery. Plus I have a bunch more pictures; we had a photographer friend there.
I praise God for you, baby Story!


Taverli said...

Mindy she is just beautiful!! I can't wait to keep hearing about all of the new stories and adventures of Wilder and Story :) So glad that you are starting to feel a little better, kept you all in my prayers.

God Bless,

Weza said...

Wow you made it sound so easy. What a legend. Story really is lovely. Cant wait to hear more of her story. The name choice etc. Plus I must say I am intrigued about what was going on to have you back to hospital so many times. xxx

Ian Johnson said...

Good job Mindy. You too Shawn.

Michelle said...

Thank you so much for sharing your birth story!! I love when women share them!

Jenna said...

Mindy, thanks for sharing about Story. Looking through your photos and reading your details takes me back to four months ago. Life sure is precious isn't it?

Alan & Lila said...

Daddy and Momma are very proud of you, Mindy! Story is most beautiful, a little angel! Wilder now has a playmate. The photo of Mindy holding "Wolfie" is a favorite. Tell Shawn he done good, real good!