Jun 26, 2010

Story's a month!

We are at the one month mark with Story; unbelievable.

At one month, she:

Loves to be held
Doesn't like being on her back

Rolls from tummy to back (this isn't supposed to happen for three more months!)

Enjoys mommy's songs and nursery rhymes

Snacks during the day; feasts at night

Is up three times during the night; sometimes we start as early as 7pm because it takes so long to put her down; she wants to party

Takes sometimes rough kisses from Wilder quite well

Loves lying on Daddy's chest
Will take a pacifier

Fairly patient...but really prefers to not have "independent time"

Doesn't like the swing...or vibrating seat...

She's living the princess life. As it should be!

If you have a daughter, buy her this book:

Story received it as a gift (Thanks, C!) and we have thoroughly enjoyed it. It reiterates inner beauty & the tenderness of loving the Lord.

Having a daughter sure is a blessing!


Kate said...

happy 1 month!! Can't wait to meet you! :)

Weza said...

Wow a month already! She really is a cutie. My girlies both rolled over early as well. I believe it is a sign of wonderful mothering. ;)

Eric's Mommy said...

I can't believe she is already a month old!

Michelle said...

The time sure has flown by! I love the update on her!