Jun 28, 2010

To market, to market

We set out for some apple pie at farmer's market Saturday. It can be exhausting going out as a family of four, but summer's whizzing by...time to get out and have fun!

I could go every Saturday morning...love the people, music, artsy stuff. Wichita boasts a couple of summer markets & has a new one headed this way. Pretty certain it will be in a Hispanic area; we'll sample their enchiladas I'm sure.
Story was well-behaved. I bought her another flower headband as a reward. ;-)
Wilder continues to soak up everything. We're working on colors right now because he only knows pink.

Did I mention he's a jabberbox? My favorite things he says: "sorry about that" "hi, gorgeous" "goodness gracious", &, "bummer".

Love this guy's red bike. He's rockin' those jeans, too.
Remember the fountains that weren't turned on on Father's Day? The boys finally got to test them out:
Some friendly Weimareiners joined in. Beautiful dogs.

And now you know how we spent part of the weekend. Off to catch a cat-nap (have a pretty exciting night life these days).


TheHappyNeills said...

I spy real horchata at the farmer's market! DROOL!!!

Kyle said...

We go to the west wichita farmers market, but yours looks way cooler. We'll have to give it a try. Great photos!

Julie said...

I've never been to the farmer's market. Looks like a wonderful time.

And thinking of Wilder saying all those little phrases made me smile. What sweetie-pies you have!

Love you!

(and yeah for *finally* getting to enjoy the fountains!)

Weza said...

Those photos of the boys playing in the fountains are priceless, then I saw the last one, Wilders smile is intoxicating. Precious.
What a lovely weekend.

Kate said...

sooo fun!!! And BTW...you look GREAT!! ;)

Andrea said...

How fun. the farmers market in Wichita looks much bigger and funner then the one here in Salina. i went this past Saturday in Salina and was very disappointed.

Erin said...

Ok, sister, you know I must comment on the wiems in all their magnificence..hahaha...I will leave the rest for mom's commenting...

Oh dear, I want to go here the next weekend I am in Wichita; looks so fun and cultural. What a fun way to get your butt up and going on a Saturday!

Miss you. xoxox


Jenna said...

we were also there last Saturday! Sorry we missed you!! There is nothing more summery than a farmers market. Glad you got out to enjoy it.