May 30, 2008

Le Crib!

I would rather have posted a pic of the crib all "done up" with bedding and cutesy things, but some of you have requested to see it, so I'm showing it "as is." It's current resting place is the dining room, and it has become a receptacle for baby playthings, blankets, books, etc. The nursery will be under construction soon, so the crib will likely hang out in the dining room for awhile. We'll probably have to take it apart because it won't fit through the nursery doorway...helpful hint from Heloise to expectant parents: put the crib together in the nursery itself!

p.s.--it's ok if you don't like our style--we tend to go for more modern things! And the cool thing about this crib is that it converts into a toddler bed!

p.p.s.--special thanks to Grandpa and Grandma Harris for making this purchase possible. :)


Ashli said...

I love it; it's bea-yu-ti-ful!!!

Paula Yaussi said...

I love it too! Looks just like both of you!!

Jenna said...

I LOVE IT! Love your style!