May 27, 2008

Memorial Weekend

SHAWN'S extended family hosted a reunion in Little Sweden, USA (Lindsborg). Both of Shawn's grandparents have Swedish ancestors. The weekend was fairly laid back & we got to stay at the Swedish Country Inn (cute B & B)--we picnicked, had a trolley ride, played dominos, got snow cones, went to Coronado Heights, went to Smollen, KS, for BBQ (at a schoolhouse converted into a restaurant)...etc. We were pretty tired afterward, even though it was laid-back, so we took it fairly easy on Monday, our day off.

Coronado Heights
Brenden being honery
School in Smollen
Butt Brothers? Being silly...

Shawn putting his grill-master skills to work
A & B really diggin' the trolley ride!


Drew and Kyle said...

Cute pictures!

I just wanted to thank you for putting up your unbaked oatmeal cookie recipe. Tonight was the first night in all of history that I did not utterly anialate the idea of a "no baked" cookie. They were actually cookies!!

Ashli said...

Hey ladybug---Looks like you had a delightful weekend. Love the new photos...that castle is pretty cool!
Our holiday was pretty fab as well.. It was brilliant getting out of the city for a bit, and much needed!
Oh and I finally figured out how to put links on my are listed as Barbie and Ken :-) ;-)
I can try to help you wih it, if you are interested.

Derek & Amy said...

Looks like you had great fun!
... you look great too!