May 29, 2008

More Sonogram Pics! (at 28 weeks)

WE were fortunate to get a second late-term sonogram to check the status of my mild placenta previa, which, I just discovered is now healed--no signs of previa! Anyway, the baby didn't want to give us any face shots, so most of these are of body parts! I think he's going to look just like Shawn...

Above--He has his arm over his face...the little round part right above his arm isn't his eye, like I thought it was--it's umbilical cord, which Shawn said looks like floating donuts

Above: Little chicken thigh
Above--both feet--one kindof on top of the other--totally look like Shawn's feet!

Above--The best facial shot


Derek & Amy said...

Awwww! How sweet! They're great views too. We never had a good sono picture cause of Cooper's position.
Are you getting so excited to meet that cute little thing in there?!?

Ashli said...

Wow, that face shot is crazy!
Hi lil' peanut!!
Can't wait to meet you :)

Katie said...

cute lil' dude you have there. i hope he gets your looks though, you're so much prettier than shawn. plus, he always makes weird faces.