May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

SHAWN and I were stoked to get to see both sets of parents for Mother's Day. It is always really close to my birthday of May 12, and this year, the events were just a day apart. So while our parents would say they came to spend time for my birthday, I'd say they came to spend time in honor of their special day!

My parents spent Sunday afternoon with us. We at at Avivo's and gave them tours of both of our workplaces, which was lots of fun considering the huge differences between the two (the Foundation is really "frou-frou" and SHS is really artsy, creative). We got to see Shawn's disassembled cubicle--he had been away from the office for awhile, on business and vacay, so his coworkers hoisted into the air every item that was on his desk (picture below).

Lastly, we trotted over to the Keeper of the Plains at the confluence of the Big and Little Arkansas Rivers, which was pretty awesome. We drive by it all of the time but had never stopped to tour it.

Then Harold and Kathy took us to dinner at Carrabbas for Mother's Day/my Birthday. We even ordered dessert, although we didn't have enough belly room to finish it.

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