Jul 9, 2008

About Baby

WE learned some new things about Baby today--he has lots of hair, and he's not breech! Imagine my dismay when after mashing on my tummy like the pioneers kneaded bread dough, my doctor said she thought our baby was breech--her exact words to my reaction were: "you look like a deer in headlights." 

I don't care what I looked like--my mind was whirling! On this journey I've strived to go with the flow, roll with the punches, be flexible, if you will. But nothing could have prepped me for the terror that flooded my body knowing things could have been a little "off" with the baby. Praise the Lord we were able to snag a sono this afternoon; I was so relieved to know he's in the right position, perfectly content to be hugged by my womb until "D-day". And whilst I continue to maintain that I will be flexible/roll with the punches (and literal kicks), etc, etc, it can be tough.

And about the hair part--the tech could see lots of hair on his head; I kinda thought it still looked like blurry images, but, I trust her...I think his hair will be dark like his papa's.

5 & 1/2 more weeks! Thanks for journeying with us.

This is his face--he's looking at you and the right side is covered by a shadow.
A foot--can't wait to get those toes!


Tyler & Lauren said...

It's crazy how fast these past (almost) 9 months have gone. It doesn't seem like you've been pregnant that long to me, but I am sure you feel differently! Congrats!

Danielle said...

I was so excited to see that you were prego in the wedding pics on Hilary & Logan's blog!!! Congratulations! Have you chosen names for baby Harris?