Jul 7, 2008

Wondering About You, Baby!

We're longing to see our sweet baby's face, and we know he'll look like us, but just to what extent, we're anxious to know! I'm borrowing this idea from my friend Amy, who posted baby pics of she and her husband prior to their son Cooper's birth (who is a darling blend of the two of them, by the way).

So, whom do you think Baby Harris will look like?

The above is my absolute all-time favorite picture of Shawn!
His shirt reads, "Shawn" so no one will mistake him for someone else (an impossibility, in my opinion)
Yes, it's a bit grainy, but the grin says it all!
My cheeks never went away!

In need of a Kleenex! Cute bow, though.


Derek & Amy said...

Awwww! Glad you used this idea! Isn't it fun to look at your baby pictures and ponder what features your baby will have?
It's fun to compare them to the baby once he arrives too! Getting close!

Julie said...

What a fun idea! I might have to steal it when my time is closer. :-) I actually looked through a bunch of Ian's baby/toddler pictures last week longing to know what features our little boy will have.

You and Shawn were both adorable little babies--can't wait to meet little Harris!

Harold and Kathy said...

Ahhh, such cute kids! You two are adorable so of course Grandbaby Boy Harris will be amazing. Good post!

Jane said...

Looking at you two this baby can't miss. He'll be a beautiful blonde boy whom you'll name Ferris! Of course I'm kidding about the name. I can't wait!

Ashli said...

He will be angelic and all the best of both.
And Auntie Ashli will adore him and spoil him for life.

Joel and Becca said...

Well whoever Peanut takes after, it looks like he's going to be wonderfully adorable!!

TheHappyNeills said...

it's so fun to see who they look like! i wondered what a blend of rick and i would look like...we didn't get much of a blend, though--calvin is me and fallyn is rick. funny how that happens. calvin even has my limbs/fingers (long everywhere). fallyn is more like rick (nice hands, tiny feet!) they both have rick's head size, though, that's for sure! rick likes to remind me that he's the reason they're so smart. i like to remind him i birthed that 95th or 99th percentile head with no drugs thank you very much.

i can't wait to see your little guy!