Oct 13, 2009

He speaks in the produce aisle

W and I have stayed holed up the past several days--very atypical of my personality, but, he's been under the weather. And I've been a little burned out on "go-go-going" constantly.

I get out to the grocery store. This is quite riveting to hear, no?

Recently, I watched an older gentleman making his way into the store entrance. His legs were twisted and jumbling over one another. He used two canes to "walk". Rather than passing him, saying "scuse me," I let him take his time. He made his way to the scooter. It took all my willpower not to offer to help him. Maybe I should have (instead, I just said "hello, how are you?"). But I remembered the few textbooks from college indicating one should be respectful of an older person's independence.

I proceed shopping. But I want to find that grandpa and make sure he is okay. Make sure the battery hasn't run out on the scooter. Make sure he can reach the top shelf items. Make sure no one is being mean to him by sighing loudly that he is taking too long.

Perhaps now you see why I don't like crowds? I will literally worry about
everybody. This incident reminded me of my tenderness toward people, and that rather than being overwhelmed by it, I should let/watch the Lord use it/me.

And in my current battle for contentment (I'm sooooo tired of my car!), that gentleman showed me that I have much to be grateful for/proud of:

I can walk.


PamperingBeki said...

This is beautiful, Mindy!!

I'm finally, in my thirties, learning to embrace the traits God has given me too. For years I've fought being overly emotional and sensitive, because I thought it was a sign of weakness. Now I realize it's a gift I've been given.

Weza said...

Sounds like your compassion led you into your career, I bet it makes you a wonderful mum, and I am sure it has been placed in you for 'such a time as this'.
This is a fantastic post. Hope hubby is feeling better soon.

Kyle said...

Awesome post, Mindy.

That is an amazing gifting.

Kate said...

amazing post Mindy! Something we all need to take a minute and do in our live...be grateful! :) Thanks for the reminder!