Oct 2, 2009

Longings of the Lord

Guess what?

I'm having a crummy day. Wilder won't eat his veggies and I just can't keep up with the house.

But God has already come through.

At MAPS (Mothers and Preschoolers) this morning, the speaker shared:
The deepest longing of the Lord's heart is to meet the deepest longings of our own.

...and, I'm breathing again.

what Wilder should eat:
what Wilder eats instead:


mommyjoymarie said...

I can't get Reed to eat much more than "fishy crackers" either right now. And, my house is always ahead of me! :) Hope you have a great weekend.

Sarah said...

McKenzie's pretty much the same way...
we often have to use the fork tactic...
We'll put a bite of whatever she needs to put in her mouth, on a fork... and she'll pretty much eat it at least once. Sometimes we luck out and she'll eat and eat whatever we hand to her .. as long as it's still coming to her on the fork.
silly kid.

And my house is always a disaster. I've pretty much given up.

Bethany said...

Yep, my house is a disaster as well, and foods that my kids ate as babies, have been totally lost from their diets as toddlers. (Can I say hooray for whole grain goldfish?) Just keep sticking it in front of him and most likely, he'll it again eventually.

What has worked for me: Starting with the thing they're least likely to eat, and then giving them their other foods after they've had at least a taste.

BTW, Diego, who would eat all sorts of veggies as a baby but has never, ever been willing to eat green beans, ate 8 last night (6 more than I requested he eat)... and it only took 3 years of sticking them in front of his face for him to decide he liked them!

Weza said...

Sometimes they will eat their vegies as sticks, give him some natuarl yogurt or hummus to dip it in, he may just start eating them again.
One room at a time, gets the house clean, when the girls were young I had small boxes in most rooms to throw the toys into. Makes for a quick tidy up.

Anonymous said...

someone once told me that if you have a clean house you are not a good mom.....it made me feel better anyway!!!
As for the veggies, Lauren used to be really picky and the only thing that she would eat is easy mac. Now she tries everything!!(and she loves brussel sprouts!)
You are a great mom, and the house doesn't matter! Your true friend will not judge you by your house! And you have a wonderful husband that probably looks past all that stuff!
I hope you have a great weekend!
Would still love to see you sometime!
Love Denise

jen christians said...

The other day I REALLY did let Turner have icecream and marshmallows... for lunch... just because he looked at me with his BIG borwn eyes and asked. It made me wonder if I was a bad mom, or the coolest mom. I think I know Turner's opinion. I did make him have carrot sticks and peaches for a snack. Sometimes, you just have to let things go... for the sake of childhood and ADORING big brown eyes.

PamperingBeki said...

Awww, what a great reminder!

Hope your weekend is going well!