Oct 28, 2009

Things you may not know

...just by looking at me.

I do not like tomatoes, bananas, squash, sweet potatoes, asparagus, mushrooms, seafood, coffee, soda. If you have served these at your home and I ate/drank them, it's because I'm too nice to say, "I don't like that." And I can kindof hold my breath and swallow things whole then take a quick swig of water.

I went to Tijuana, Mexico, with AIM (mission team), by myself (I was 19 or 20). I met lots of neat people. The outhouse doors at the orphanage we stayed were labeled I John, II John, III John, after the Bible books. We got to where we'd have a favorite outhouse.

I read 5 books last month. I'm all out and need loaned another.

I said some bad words during labor.

I once won $1,000 in a raffle (in high school). The raffle tickets were $3 a piece, to go towards my sister's college cheer squad. The ticket bought a square on the football field. A cow was let to roam, and it pooed on my square. Wish I could've seen that. Of course I saved most of the money for the sexy Neon I still drive.

Still. Drive.

Have a spicy day.

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Ashli said...

You're lovely!

The Boccias said...

Love this--all of it!

PamperingBeki said...

No soda or coffee?! *sigh*
And I thought I knew you so well...

Weza said...

I don't like tomatoes either. I do however like them when cooked into food like meatballs etc.
I think all women would say bad words in labour... except me of course... I haven't done labour.
Nice to know more about you.

Megan said...

HA, SIS, Love this! I forgot about the cow poo fundraiser for my old cheer squad. That was awesome. Member when the baseball players wanted you to buy them a keg and you were like huh? her? um no. :)

Jenna said...

LOVED this post. So fun.