Oct 8, 2009

W and friends at pumpkin patch

In the mood to wear Wilder out while hoping he'd take a good nap (that came back to bite me; he didn't nap all day), we joined our MeetUp friends for a morning at Cox Farms. We enjoyed a trolley ride along the premises and singled out a pumpkin. I even let Wilder play in the inflatable moonwalk, which he loved.

Why put a sad face on the scarecrow? Life's too good!
While I was busy shooting pics, a goat nibbled W's finger-he's ok; I'll watch better next time!

Some of W's friends:

What a fun morning! W wishes to thank Aunt Ashli for the warm H & M jacket.


Michelle said...

I love pumpkin patches!! We go every year!

PamperingBeki said...

How fun!

Love the pictures.

Weza said...

Going to the pumpkin patch is not a tradition here in the southern hemispere. In fact the whole halloween thing isn't. But I can honestly say that this looks like fun.
Your photos are so good. Love the vibrant colours.

Amy said...

Great pictures... looks like lots of fun!

Julie said...

How fun and what great pictures! I really want to take Ori to the pumpkin patch this year. Hopefully we can at some point!

Ashli said...

Ah what a cutie pa-tootie!
Love it!
Can't believe it took that long to fit into, it seemed so tiny when I bought it!!
Miss you!

Mindy M. Harris said...

Bsh...wilder's about to outgrow the jacket; he wore it last winter too. I just can't put it in the archives.

dee said...

I finally figured this thing out. It was in German and I couldn't remember my password. Hurray. I now know it. I love the pumpkin patch pics. The colors are so great. Isn't Fall the most wonderful season ever?!