Oct 26, 2009

my heaven

the heavens chasing us in Colorado this summer

Everyday I reach for heaven
I've read about it
Sung about it

Longed about it

I could spend 23 hours a day

Preparing myself, my heart
My person
, for that freeing place

But it wouldn't be enough

The glory will be overwhelming

It's contained nowhere and is everywhere

And Jesus, my everything
Will extend His hand
I will take it, trembling,

And never be the same.

Until then, I will keep

Dreaming for heaven

And loving the heavenly

Things before me.

worship.laughter.weeping.exercise.peace.gratitude introspection.learning.soaring.keeping.giving realizing.wondering.surrender.beautifying.creating. vulnerability.strangers.discovery.breathing.




Weza said...

exhale... perfect!

Megan said...

very very good sister. very good. Love You

Emily said...

You just made me cry. Thank you. You have a beautiful heart and mind, and you have been given a gift to speak it so eloquently.