Oct 23, 2009

Never in my wildest dreams...

...would I have thought Barbie to attain mid-century furniture (see website, Welcome Home by Maryann Roy, that provides "Neo-Retro Furnishings for Today's Most Discerning Fashion Doll:"
It is truly tortuous; I can't afford such lush furnishings for my own big girl-sized house.

I imagine I won't be the same, ever again. It will be hard to forgive her. Isn't having the body, boy, clothes, nay I say
empire, enough?

Whatever. Go, Barbie.


Weza said...

Can you believe it?

I think they are styling themselves after you.


PS I want to see the red hair!

Natalie said...

lucky Barbie. my husband would love to live here! I can't afford it either =)

Taverli said...

Mindy you are too cute as always!!! I'm just jealous she gets to drive the pink convertable :P

Jenna said...

I just love your ability to dream about the little things. I need to slow down more to do so.