Dec 8, 2008

4 months of bliss

OK, not all of it has been bliss (no sleep in the early weeks, spit-up, etc), but every bit of parenting is worth getting to see Wilder smile, getting to feel him relax in my arms. I'm glad he feels safe enough to do that.There's something to be said about feeling safe, don't you think? He turns 16 weeks tomorrow and I'm pinching myself to believe it. Maybe the pinching will help my flabby areas go away...

Anyway, Wilder continues to charm and amaze us. He giggled for the first time on the 5th. He's especially giddy on the changing table. Shawn tickles him with his whiskers. His laugh--oh, I've never heard a sound more beautiful!!!

He's sucked his thumb/fist so hard that he's left a really red hickey. I think the discomfort in that has led him to switch to the other hand...we're thinking he really just uses his thumb to help massage his gums. Also, he's been sleeping through the night for about a month 1/2 now. Judging from other parents I've talked with, this is a bit of a rarity...he goes to bed about 8:30 and gets up about that time, too!

My, how these days are fleeting. I've no choice but to relish each moment. And if that means no make up and a pile of dirty dishes, I'm ok with that.

don't you want to squeeze him?

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