Dec 31, 2008

Christmas Eve/Day in Winfield

WE went to Winfield, KS, for Christmas with Shawn's immediate family Dec. 23-26. We had a wonderful time, except for two of the nights, which proved rough. We think Wilder was afraid of the room he was sleeping in as it had dark walls. One of the nights he just slept on Shawn in a recliner (both troopers, I'd say!), and the other night, we drove the 45 minutes back to Wichita to land a full night's sleep. The final night we were able to move Wild to a different room that resembled his nursery (white walls, lighting, etc). His not sleeping was a change in his usual 12-hours-of-uninterrupted-sleep routine. But we made it through and he's back on track!

Andrea and Kathy created fine cuisine--chicken/noodles to start, fajitas one evening, and turkey/the works the next! We enjoyed discovering who had whom in the gift exchange, and laughed lots while playing Cranium. Shawn's brother, girlfriend, and his two sons also breezed in from Texas. We hadn't seen them in awhile, so it was nice to catch up.

Lastly, Wilder enjoyed opening his many gifts. They just kept coming and coming. Santa was busy! He received loads of books, some clothes, some goofy loud toys, and an Einstein "discovery center."
Wild and G'mpa Harold having a "heart to heart"! (probably about fishing!)
Read the shirt: enough said!
Having another heart to heart with A & B: "listen, guys, I want a cousin to pester!"
I'm buried under gifts!
"I hereby approve these brown britches because the tag tastes yumm-o!"
A colored pencil sharpener (for making cards), and some makeup!
Grandma Kathy showing off her gift from/of Wilder
Maggie wasn't as cheery and bright (but still beautiful) this year. Darn hip displacia!
We love you, Mags!
Marley relished in some long overdue lap time
Reading a new book with Daddy
The 7 of us, squinting into the sun*wind!
All of us!

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Jenna said...

what a fun couple of days!