Dec 4, 2008

History lesson

WHEN we were in Chanute, my hometown, for Thanksgiving with Momma and Daddy, Shawn and I decided to take a walk downtown. We knew it would be abandoned since it was a holiday, and were excited to get out and do some exploring. We dug out Sissy's stroller (yes, from 1986!), bundled Wilder up, grabbed the camera, then left. I think we were gone about an hour and a half, walking alleyways, crossing the railroad, window snooping... Though I don't think we'll ever hunker down in a small town again, I was pleasantly reminded that Chanute has its charms!

Original Martin and Osa Johnson Museum

My senior pic--just kidding!
If memory serves me, this was a motel, now a museum (at one time it was a brothel, according to legend)
The depot, which houses the Osa and Martin Johnson museum and the public library

Union Pacific caboose (unfortunately, the interior was severely vandalized; that made me sad)

Santy Clause at Bank of Commerce drive-thru (looks vintage; I want him!)
And some shots of our wonderful love baby boy
Workin' the overralls in wintertime
New expression!
Eulogy service for my plant will be held Dec 8th, 2pm, at our house.
Poor thing had to suffer because I was out of town for a week! Hope Marley got fed!

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TheHappyNeills said...

love the pics! my parents house in pratt used to be a brothel, for real!