Dec 12, 2008

I will not let...

...Amish friendship bread run my life! For those of you who know the commitment involved in baking Amish friendship bread, you'll understand my complanatory position here. I absolutely LOVE this bread--it's a little bit like coffee cake, and has enough cinnamon to fill the house with a comforting scent. However, this little booger of a recipe requires one to be baking every 10 days. And whilst I love to bake, sometimes the 10th day falls at a time when I'm busy doing other things. This year, the timing is great in that I can pass along loaves as gifts. If you'd like to start your own bread, click on my sister in law, Andrea's, blog, for the recipe. 

Are you enjoying the yummy treats the season brings as much as I am? Please say "yes" so I don't feel like I'm the only one adding poundage to my thighs, which I endearingly refer to as my "jiggly bits." Here's to crumbs all over our blouses!


Ashli said...

My theory is that our pockets are made lighter buying holiday gifts to make room for our expansion due to indulgence of let's just say holiday cheer!!
I can't wait to make choc covered pretzels tomorrow and indulge!!!

Erin said...

Sister, I've already ended my holiday friendship bread spurt....I think a bag is still on top of my refrigerator way overdue making! Oh well! It was fun while it lasted! :) Of course yours turned out perfect!