Dec 21, 2008

We went to Ellinwood

...AND had a groovy time. And, I must state, Wilder was the star of the show! Shawn's Grandpa Chet and Grandma Dorothy live in Ellinwood, KS, and all of Shawn's extended family ventures there for the holidays. It was a short trip, today only...

Some things I liked:
1) the food, of course! ham, taters/gravy, veggies, rolls, Christmas cookies, the works!
2) catching up and laughing with family
3) showing off Wilder
4) receiving a family heirloom--embroidered pillowcases from Grandma Dorothy (see story below the picture!)
5) how proud Wilder's great grandparents are of him--the smattering of pictures on their refrigerator explains it all! He's the only baby in the family RIGHT NOW (not winking at anyone in particular for any cousins for Wilder, I promise!)

 Dorothy so talentedly created these delicate pillowcases cir. 1942 or 1943. Grandpa Chet was based at Camp Crowder south of Joplin. They lived in Goodman. Grandma was just beginning to make these crocheted flowers. The pillowcases were used alot!
The children/grandchildren holding up their heirlooms

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