Dec 25, 2008

Feliz navidad!

A poem I penned this yuletide season:

I’m not good at writing poems
Not good at getting things to rhyme 
But one thing’s for certain 
2008 is running out of time! 

We’ve stretched our use of the dime 
Wondered about the economy 
As we skipped the occasional spree 
Clipped coupons, and walked to every destiny 

We’ve all gotten our “I Voted” sticker 
Wondered if our wallets will grow thicker 
Seen gas prices soar then plummet 
As we conjecture who done it 

Despite the ups and downs 
The smiles and the frowns
It has been a splendid year indeed
In August came beloved Wilder 
And with him many a need 
To him we opened our arms 
And became so smitten by his charm 

He is our shining star 
Sweeter than a nutty chocolate bar 
And with him we feel 
Life has never been so real 
Wonderful, tender or blessed 
Especially when he’s asleep on daddy’s chest 

Work is busy for Shawn 
Rarely has a minute to tend the lawn 
But a worthy and incredible provider is he 
Has made it possible for me to be free 
Of cubicles, pressed suits, and meetings galore 
Staying home with Wilder is never a chore 

But a dream come true, a gift from heaven 
We enjoy a tidy house, and baked bread from leaven 
Mustn’t leave out, that Marley, our boston, 
Wonders why on earth Momma’s around so often 

We’ve loved visits with friends and family 
Who have filled our hearts with glee 
Often wondered how lucky we are 
To frequently connect with loved ones afar 

Another thing’s certain, yes, this I know 
Life in Jesus, how richer it grows 
He’ll comfort in pain 
Send rainbows after the rain 
Give plenty for which to cheer 
As we begin a new year!

Merry Christmas from Shawn, Mindy, Wilder, & Marley!!!

1 comment:

Katie said...

Merry Christmas fellow Harrises!!! Cute poem.

It has certainly been a blessed year for all of us and we are so thankful to have you as friends. Even though we're far apart, we're glad that modern day technology lets us keep somewhat in touch with your lives.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas— but really, what more could anyone ask for than family and friends and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ? We are certainly blessed!

Love & Hugs from Katie & Todd