Dec 23, 2008

A Merry Little Christmas

WE had our Christmas celebration at home last night. Shawn and I are going to get a joint gift for each other to share, but we're not sure what yet. We have some needs around the house, and also some wants! Our biggest gift of all is that Jesus came to earth incarnate. Next, we are so honored he found us as partners for each other and chose to bless us with our wonderful son!

Wilder laughing and playing while Santa's elves are at work on dinner/gifts
Wilder's note: by the way, this nursery rhyme book here is my favorite. I borrowed it from Auntie Megan!
Dirty rice and Italian sausage--spicy & from a box, but good!
Our festive table
Wilder sat at the table, too! 
And chewed on his rings!
And played with Daddy!
Wilder's first gift of the season, from Mommy & Daddy!
Oooohh, paper!
Wowie, this is exciting!
And tasty! But what's in the box?
Stackable rings! Hooray!
A quick taste test. He liked the green one best.
Marley helped with clean-up duty.

Pictures to come from celebrations with our "deer" ones in Winfield & Chanute!

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Julie said...

Your table is gorgeous! Looks like a very special evening. :-)