Dec 2, 2008


DO you remember Pizza Hut's Book-It program from gradeschool? You know, when you read a book, have your teacher sign a little coupon, then take it to Pizza Hut for a FREE personal pan pizza? I used to love participating in that little incentive program, and I read alot of books because of it. And I really wish there were some program in place, just like that, for adults. I'd be eating lots of free pizza if that were so! For those of you who faithfully follow my blog (thank you!), you'll recall I have read several books the past couple of weeks that need reviewing. So, here goes: -ok, quick note-the reviews will be short because it's hard for me not to give away the plot or the ending or too many details and I don't want to ruin it for anyone:

1) Chasing Harry Winston by Lauren Weisberger : Chick lit at its best. Everything I was expecting--fun, fun, fun! Juicy. Utterly girly. Believable, relatable characters. Loved the story line---some bits a little unrealistic, but, hey, that's why it's fiction!

2) True Believer by Nicholas Sparks: The story line was a bit of a stretch for my taste, but it takes place in a small town, which I related to. It was also a tad predictable. However, I was still pleased with the ending.

3) Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks: If I'm not mistaken, this was made into a major motion picture (I've not seen it). Very well executed book; the male character expresses himself through writing, which I related to. One caution: you will become emotionally involved and will require a Kleenex box

Anyone have any recommendations for my next book? If not, I may have to read Nights in Rodanthe by, you guessed it, Nicholas Sparks, even though I promised myself I'd see the movie first!


Drew and Kyle said...

LOVE your new hair! And I was all about "Book It" myself...those were the days.

Stephen and Megan Peters said...

Oh Book It! Loved it to sis! I still remember the textury feeling of the pins and putting on the little yellow stars!