Feb 25, 2009

And in his absence I missed him

I could brag for several paragraphs at how wonderful Shawn is, but, I'll spare ya! When he works late hours, I REALLY miss him, so I do things to avert my energy from, well, whining.

Below are some of the cards I've stayed up late making. It helps to picture to whom I might send the card. Makes me grin.
I like that there's a little part of myself entwined in these cards. And have I mentioned I love glitter?!!

I'm awestruck at how people differently express their creativity. Currently I'm astounded by writers-how do they do it? Where do their stories originate? From where/whom do they maintain their steadfastness? What is it like when they pen the very last word of a novel?

Their black words on white pages are a gift to us all.


mommyjoymarie said...

Those are simply beautiful!!
And, I would definitely put you in the "writer" category you are so in awe of.
Give me a call if you ever need/want something to do - you can come hang out here, or we'll meet you somewhere!

Ashli said...

It would simply make my week to get a card like that in the mail!
You are so delightfully creative.
I love keeping up with you through the blog...it'd only be better if you were next door, one day perhaps!
What do you think about austin?
Ciao bella

Julie said...

Thanks for posting pictures of your cards. They are BEAUTIFUL and so CUTE. I'm glad you have a fun outlet for those late nights. It's easy to whine when we miss our husbands. :-)

Anonymous said...

Sister, what beautiful cards! They would sell like hot cakes in our "sisters shop" :) It was wonderful to talk to you this am.
Miss you terribly!

Andrea said...

Awesome cards! Mine are much more simple, but I hope to get up to doing ones like that some day! =)

Anonymous said...

You have always been so creative and artistic!!! Do you remember in 2nd (or maybe 3rd grade) when Mrs. Harms was teaching us "Art" at CCA? There was a contest and I remember you, Ashli, and myself all drew pictures of whatever we wanted. You drew a picture of a teacher teaching a classroom--she was so lifelike!! I remember you teaching me how to make her cheeks look "rosy" and I also remember that you colored her skin with a peachy color so that it would like like "real skin" vs. the rest of us who just left our people white and plain!!

I know you got the blue 1st place ribbon for that picture--I remember because I always wanted to be able to "draw and do art like Mindy can"....

Good memories :)

--Love the blog...always!! Tave