Feb 13, 2009

A glimpse into our week...

"Reading" Martha Stewart Living

Squeaky clean after a bath--he's outgrowing his little infant tub *tears*
we both look like we're ready to zonk out here! must've been one of our downtown days
I plopped him in his toybasket...hey, you gotta get creative!
What, Mom? Mind your own business! I'm busy here...

...ok, I'll cave and smile for ya!
wasn't too fond of his first nibbles of squash earlier in the week--
he's eating it like a little piggie now!

~going downtown to see KHF and SHS friends, dine, and shop! (I split it up between 2 days)
~going to Wild's first Valentine's party; he brought white-chocolate drenched Cheerio clusters to share with his friends, and made Daddy a Valentine!

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Amy said...

Cute post! I love the pictures of Wilder sitting in the basket! I used to put Cooper in a laundry basket when he was learning to sit up. Works well. As always... love his smile!