Feb 8, 2009

Wilder is 1/2 year old!

WILDER is 6 months old, everybody!!! What a fun age this is! We are starting to see "little boy" intermingled with the "baby." So, here's an update. We could probably go on forever but have lots of laundry and "honey-do's" to get to today, so, we'll keep it short--sortof.
~uses his voice more and more frequently
~he can focus on a story more intently
~doing well around loud noises
~sleeps 10-12 uninterrupted hours a night still :-)
~takes 2 naps a day--can't ever miss the a.m. one, though!
~taken an increased interest in Marley
~he likes to grasp things and bring them to himself; he even holds books with both hands and helps turn the pages
~is a pro at eating rice cereal
~he enjoys getting his boogers sucked with the blue booger sucker--gross, I know, but have to brag    that he smiles through the procedure
~it's not uncommon to find him turned all the way around, on the opposite end of his crib
~received his first kiss on the cheek from a girl, Lillianah, who is almost two
~likes to flirt with the other baby in the mirror
~still not 100% confident on his tummy but we are making progress
~smiles ALOT
~likes to touch cold cans of soda
~all around a very good baby--he is setting the bar high for siblings

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Anonymous said...

He also likes grabbing cold bottles of beer. Maybe even more than pepsi cans.