Feb 3, 2009

Baby Bowl 2009

WILDER felt like entertaining, so he invited Ori and Grey (and their parents, to act as chaperones) over to "watch" the SuperBowl. Shawn even designed onesies for them. 

This may be the start of an annual tradition!

Wilder modeling his custom-designed onesie

These boys are gonna be trouble!


Amy said...

Love it! What a cute idea. Wilder is darling as always! It was great to see you for a while on Friday.

Brenden & Andrea said...

What a cute idea!!! Miss you guys!

Julie said...

We had so much fun! As always, everything was PERFECT. I just love the onesie and can't wait for Ori to wear it. I do hope this is an annual tradition. :-) Thanks for a fun evening!