Jan 31, 2009

It's Almost Feb? Wha?

I'm shocked it's almost February! Have any of you gone and looked at the Valentine's aisle at Target? Hello chocolate, hello cute heart stuff! I want the heart-shaped muffin cups, goodie bags with little owls on them...

This post isn't really about anything--just wanted to post some pictures because Wilder is so cute (as his mommy I've reserved all bragging rights) I can't stand it. Seriously, I cried about it today. There's just so much goodness he brings to my heart that it almost can't contain it all, so it comes out in joyful tears, I guess.

In the first two frames Wilder is playing with a photo of Shawn and I (and Wilder, while he's still in the womb)--it sits on his shelf in the nursery but for some reason they were in the bathroom looking at it.

In the third frame he's inspecting his orange light. He loves to scratch at the texture.

Fourth frame: showing off--biceps and drool!

Fifth frame: getting to know Daddy's Chucks

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