Jan 8, 2009

Friendship--so deserving of a national holiday

FRIENDS. No, not the TV series (although that's one of my favorites!). If I scan the pages of my life, I smile at the hands I've been honored to hold, the secrets I've been privileged to keep. And I want so desperately for these jewels to know how they've touched my heart. How honored I am that they've shown me new perspectives, animatedly shared their ambitions, gladly succumbed to my chocolate addiction, shared their pain and sadness with me. While Jesus is the bearer of all our burdens, I know I took on, in my own human way, my friends' burdens so I could empathize, pray, and just plain love on them.

I look back on all these exchanges and consider myself blessed, honored. To have the chance to get to know someone's heart is a chance in a million. And part of me longs for those friends I don't see anymore. Those girls who were brought into my life for a season, but for certain reasons (like relocation) no longer are. And the other part yearns to be brought face to face with those I've yet to meet. And for that person/persons to know, though I can't expect them to know instantly, that I will be loyal, honest, and truly pleased to be weaved, even in the smallest way, into the pattern of their existence.

Furthermore, I am so proud of the memories, as they are all mine to keep. Gushing over boys, playing "truth or dare", swapping clothes, watching chick fliks, shopping, running, camping...what morsels these snapshots are. So lovely to munch on when I'm apt to reminisce, and no calories! So lovely that I plan to make new ones. While the topics of discussion may have changed (now they are about brands of diapers, teething, consignment sales), the unity remains the same. The exchange between souls remains eternal.

In 1935, Congress deemed the first Sunday in August as National Friendship Day. I can't believe I don't have this calligraphied onto my calendar! And while August has come and gone (I was a little busy giving birth {12 hours of labor, total, and 2 hours of pushing, but who's counting?}), my dear, precious friends, with whom I share everything but DNA, thank you. I love you. In that we are made in His image, I've been shaken to the core--knowing that when I know you, I know Him.

Oh, how lovely He is!

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Ashli said...

This is so beautifully written, the first part sounds like it should be on a Hallmark card, except it's not cheesy. You really could write a book; I know that I would love it!
I can't imagine or remember my life without your friendship in it.
I know that no matter how life changes for us, that we will always be friends.
You have always been the sister I never had, and I love you forever.