Jan 20, 2009

I got outpartied by a 5 1/2-month old.

...yep, Wilder outpartied me this weekend! We attended Shawn's college friend, Drew, and his bride-to-be, SG's engagement party. Wilder was the only baby there and was passed around from one fragrant person (I mean that in a good way; I always forget to wear perfume) to the next. He relished every minute of it and could have partied longer had his parents not become so tired!

We're thrilled for Drew and SG's wedding in June, and were honored to be a part of their celebration!
Wilder loves gnawing on his feet!

The cake was 1/2 red velv and 1/2 yellow--phenom!

BooBoo--Drew & SG's cat--I think she's oh, a million yrs old in Kitty yrs!

Surrogate auntie and uncle teaching Wild their wise ways

All of us

We got the hat to work on Wild! Here, daddy is teaching him about X-box games!

Yes, he is as scrumptious as you'd think. Aren't I nice to share?

Left foot, left foot, right foot, right, feet in the day and feet in the night! (Dr. Seuss)

Wild's 1st driving lesson

The sky's ablaze--a quick love note from our Maker


mommyjoymarie said...

Mindy - he is ADORABLE!!! Glad I don't have any girls to keep my eye on in about 16 years! :)

Ashli said...

Oh Mind - I wish you were about 1000 miles closer!
He is delightful...I want to geeet him!

Shawn said...

That one of him driving with me is hilarious. I love the look on his face.