Jan 14, 2009

Nay, I tell you, the glass is, and will always be, half FULL!

SHAWN and I are very different people, you see. And this shouldn't sound peculiar in that more often than not, polar opposites tend to find one another.

And get married.

Lemme explain:

Shawn was born with the optimism bug. I mean, he's one of those people everyone loves and he's so positive all.the.time! {not that I'm complaining; I'm just jealous} In contrast, when considering, in the literal sense, the "glass is half full/empty" metaphor, I tended to first complain at the beverage in the glass (ugh, V8?), or to dislike the floral design at its rim, before I could answer, "half full" or "half empty."

But being married to Shawn over five years has allowed me to befriend optimism. I've learned how to successfully turn negative thoughts into positive ones, and it's rather catchy once one has done it for a while. I've come a long way and feel apt to pat myself on the back at this juncture, for if asked today, I will tell you the glass is half full!

I'm certain nature versus nurture had something to do with the way we turned out, but, lets leave that for the shrinks to hash out. All I know is my brain and I have a very strict relationship now, as it is to obey ME, and not the other way around. Instead of thinking, "wow, I really hate how this shower curtain sticks to my bum," I think, "how superbly wonderful that we have running water and therefore do not stink." Or, I'll trade this thought "this line is bloody long and I have places to go" with "thank God I have legs to stand and wait, and breath to let out a sigh."

So, if you're like me in this, what do you do to get the ole brain to succumb to your commands?

May our glasses, regardless of their contents or Corelle floral designs, frequently be clinking together--in celebration for all that we have/do/love/give!

Editor's Note: my apologies for poking fun at the above-pictured set of ivy glasses, especially if you own a set and subsequently based your entire kitchen "theme" off of it.

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Jenna said...

Mindy, you are too fun. I had no idea you used to be glass half full. You are so positive and encouraging to those around you. Thanks for sharing!