Jan 6, 2009

The one and only Wilder

...is five months old!
and he's not the only thing that's grown:

I've lots of things to note:
~he loves kicking things
~he puts his hand on his forehead or in his hair while nursing
~he rolls to side and almost onto tummy
~he's getting better every day with tummy time (usually he screams when on his tummy but we're working on it!)
~he talks, cackles, giggles, blows strawberries, laughs (it is awesome!)
~pinches my nose. hard.
~chews on his fists
~smiles at faces in the mirror
~grabs feet
~weighs 14 lbs 6 oz! (was 7 lbs 7 oz at birth)
~have the teething thing coming on; have had a few "dramatic" days!
~once, when Daddy was holding him, he reached for me to hold him! My heart melted.
~is ticklish on his back and armpits
We'll get to start rice cereal soon. Good thing he received several bibs for Christmas, from Grandma Lila! (my favorites read, "born to be wild", and "my favorite website: www.grandma.com")

All in all, he's a blessing and a treasure. We're having a blast!


Brenden & Andrea said...

That is a huge cookie in the picture on the right. Is that real???

Mindy M. Harris said...

yep, it's real!

Katie said...

holy cookie, batman!!

i know Wilder probably doesn't remember me (considering he was probably asleep the entire time at our reception), but tell him that i say 'hi' and i think of him quite often :)
love your updates. btw, todd and i have started our 'family' blog:

hmmm...what shall we name it??? Harris Herald West Coast?