Jan 23, 2009

Will you pray, please?

I was going to post my latest book report in that I've had some recent literary adventures, but was compelled to post something exceedingly more important after reading my friend, Julie's, blog. 

Julie has been a blessing to me, moreso than she probably knows. Her baby boy came into this world sooner than most babies do, and their family triumphed through that--giving God the glory for choosing that for them. Ori is healthy, beautiful, so loved. And so cute I want to kiss my computer screen when I see pictures of him. Or squish his cheeks at church; I don't want to freak him or Julie out, though!

Julie's friend Jessica watches Ori a few days a week. Recently, Jessica's daughter, Cora, went to the doctor for a check-up, when the doctors found an enlarged liver and a mass by her kidney (please see Julie's blog). Please band together with me to go to battle over little Cora. We praise God for every breath He gives her. We plead the blood of Jesus over Cora--for complete restored health. We ask, seek, knock. Lord, hold Cora in your hands; cradle her parents in your arms. We ask that you guide the doctors in their helping her. We are burdened for this child.

And Lord, open our eyes to the needs of others. Let us hear their cries. Show us how to share our loaves and fishes. Show us how to shed any semblance of our selves, so that all is left is You.

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Wade and Megan said...

I prayed as I read this. I can tell you are so sincere in your request. Thank you for being so honest and open!