Feb 24, 2009

Here N There In My MicroWorld--with guest appearance by Random Captions

from a prior post
orange was fitting
go above the call of duty
anchor yourself to reason
how dare you burst my bubble
i teetered on the edge then spun around
it sort of splashed out from nowhere
owl be seeing you in my forevers
i know more than you think
your ears will sag one day
click clack
a blackbird came and pinched off her nose
Let me know if you ever want to hear the story of how this glass was broken...
unsure of place in peking order
ah, the surface space of a refrigerator



Erin said...

Such an artistic eye. I am jealous. Love the captions, but my favorite is...you guessed it..."Along came a blaaaackbird....and snipped off her nose!!!"

Anonymous said...

These really are fun photos mindy - I especially like the little elephant. I had forgotten about him.