Feb 14, 2009

A bloggy giveaway, because you're a sweetheart!

I'm so glad you could join in on my very first bloggy giveaway! Not everyone gets a kick out of Valentine's Day, but I do. I've been blessed to share many Valentine's holidays with Shawn--someday I'll have to tell you our love story!

Anyway, I ran across an article in Ladies Home Journal (yeah that seems dorky but it was a freebie with Parents...) that discusses the new book, Six-Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak. To quote: "The online magazine Smith issued a challenge several years ago: Write your love story in six words. The results, ranging from funny to poignant to downright heartrending, complete the Six-Word book. Here are some examples:

"Magnetic attraction fused two polar opposites."
"Much married, fourth time is charmed."
"Hog the covers, I don't mind."
Not always perfect. But so worthwhile."
"May/December...the best of seasons."
"He's dumb but lifts heavy stuff."
"Crappy navigation got us honeymooners LOST."
"We've loved for all the ways..."

The last two quotes are mine! Now comes the giveaway stuff. Rules are simple. Post your love story in the comments section, using only six words, and be entered in a drawing for the following:

A pretty pink wall hanger for your scarf...
Or maybe your keys (if you're like me and lose them all.the.time.)
and, a cute birdie journal to scribe all the ways you love your man
here's the inner cover: ready for your initials!

Ready? Set? Can't wait to see what you come up with! Winner will be randomly drawn Monday, February 16, 2009, at 6pm. Happy Valentine's Day!


Julie said...

Yeah! A blog giveaway. I've always thought it would be fun to do one myself. :-)

Here's mine: Communicating clearly, offering forgiveness, laughing often

katie said...

Oooh Fun! (i don't celebrate V-Day, but i like giveaways!)

Our story: patient love, flights galore, newlyweds now.

And just for fun: if no shawn, no todd & katie

Brenden & Andrea said...

How fun, a blog giveawy!!! I am so excited! By the way, I made it home safe. Here is our six word story:

Coffee, Scrabble, Deployments, Secrets = Two Weddings

P.S. The "=" sign does not count as a word!

Carolyn G said...

First love, then committment, forever together

Drew and Kyle said...

This is fun!

Much is sacrificed, making everyday worthwhile.

Andrew said...

i'll give the hers/his versions:

how about i tape the oc?


don't smoke, zombie movie, brown sugar.


Harold and Kathy said...

Our love story in six words =
FISH love FISH marriage FISH forever.

TheHappyNeills said...

Five years, two kids, adopting, woah!!!

Rick's--he's SO flowery and poetic :)
"We love each other a lot."

Drew and Kyle said...

I am trying to appreciate the time I have left with it just being the two of us, our days are numbered! I had not really planned on calling him "Jude", but everyone has already started, so maybe it will stick? We'll see!

mommyjoymarie said...

Not too creative, but...

young love, three boys, still growing

Broken Y said...

Okay - here goes - in six words -

Two hearts searching, one WAY home!


Rick, Paula, Bailey, Ricky, Klay, Kash!


Ashli said...

I asked Drake for his suggestions and....

syrupy sweet that makes you jealous

my version...

it all started with a wine tasting

This is a cute idea!
Love all the recent photos...miss ya!
Happy V-day :)

The Boccias said...

keeping heart to heart through all.

Pick me, randomness!! :)

Carlson Family said...

Cute idea Mindy!Our favorite saying is - Forever, for always, no matter what.

After 17 years, here is the everyday version - hogging covers, laundry everywhere, loving regardless.


Shonda said...

I'm excited about a giveaway!! Great idea! Here's mine:

"What's past- thanks! The future - yes!"

(I took the idea from one of my favorite quotes that I have posted on our blog)

Anonymous said...

"Pregnant...and so our life begins."

Erin said...

"High school sweethearts 'til the end." :)

Or a more humorous approach:

"Sleepwalking husband = never shuteye for me..."

Good idea, sister!

Wade and Megan said...

What a fun idea! Too bad I haven't checked any blogs or email for several days. I guess there's always next year = )

Anonymous said...

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