May 28, 2009

Hello, Time? Wait up! Thank you.

Gone are the days of leaving Wilder to play alone for 5 minutes...content on a blankie with a few toys. My kid is all over the place. My Swiffer Sweeper in Pampers.

And he's ten months. I pore over newborn photos and wonder where my baby went!

Some cool stuff that's going on:

~bathes in the regular bathtub; this is a special bonding time with Daddy; he splashes a lot and plays with a red cup
~he army crawls FAST, and climbs on the furniture

~we lowered his crib as low as it will go
~leans against tables/chairs/couch and pats each surface


~self-feeds; he
loves cheese
~goes from tummy to sitting up

~forms his lips into an "O" when focused or excited about something

~makes a humming sound when he crawls
~loves walking with our holding both his hands
~has one tooth!

~behaves very well for our occasional babysitter, Ashley
~has some kind of curl situation going on (I'm trying not to get my hopes up)
~likes being thrown in the air
~turns pages in books (and pats them!)
~babbles--mostly "da-da"
~I am addicted to estate saling

Playing with cousin Max, who's two.
Too bad they don't live closer to one another; they have fun together--
pinching, whacking, staring. Ya know, the kind of stuff we wish we could do to our adult friends.


Kate said...

awww! You'll blink and he'll be does go so quickly! :(

Jamie said...

I never read your blog without laughing out loud. It's a delightful way to cheer up.

carmen said...

Hey Mindy! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Let it be known that I peak in on yours regularly. I didn't know if you'd remember me, so I've never commented...didn't know if you'd be freaked out by an acquaintance stalker. :) I love your sense of humor and Wilder is tooooo precious. Add him to the list of preapproved bachelors for our little Hannah.

Mindy M. Harris said...

Carmen, I'm so glad to hear from you! I'll have to be a regular reader of your blog, too. I liked your mess-free finger paint idea. What a princess girl you have; isn't it so fun??

Ashli said...

Oh my, the cheeks...
And the tongue...