May 28, 2009

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's...


I've officially become a dog person. Grew up around cats (R.I.P., WeeBee and Bobby) but have kinda morphed into a full-fledged dog lover. Except the ones that cost a lot. Like Marley.

I digress.

Meet "Baby."
I want her. Sure, she's mixed breed--a kind of pug/boston/beagle? (not sure), but she had me at "you betcha I'll let you rub my tummy even though I don't know you."

She's kinda ugly. And on the short side. But she melted my puppy-lovin' heart.

She lives in Missouri.

And has owners.
It's for the better.

Baby, remember our bond. I'll miss you.


Erin said...

hehe...we'll keep an eye on him for you. I'm sure he'll always remember you.

Ashli said...

who would have thought after your mild cat 'obsession' that you would be a dog person!
just goes to show, that the paths we walk are never predictable!
give your doggy a kiss for me; tell him auntie ashli misses snuggling!